Intimacy and Relationship Issues

Our relationships are important to us. They are part of who we are and we depend on them for passion, support,and companionship.  When a relationship has become unsatisfying or we believe it to be in jeopardy, we may lose a sense of security or seek other, sometimes unhealthy, ways of meeting our needs.  Problems with intimacy and sex are common in relationships. There might be a lack of sexual desire in one or both partners or failure in communication. There are often psychological factors that may contribute to a sexual disorder such as erectile dysfunction, or a lowered desire after a new mother has given birth. If there is no resolution in sight, it may be time to seek therapy for guidance. 

What contributes to a fulfilling relationship?

  • Trusting and being trustworthy
  • Mindfulness and thoughtfulness
  • Mutual respect and self respect
  • Open, honest, communication
  • Intimate and passionate sexual connection
  • Assuming the best about one's partner
  • Showing an interest in the other's interests
  • Taking care of one's health and fitness
  • Having a social network that is supportive of the relationship (friends in common)

Some of the signs that sex problems are affecting a relationship include:

  • Disappointment in oneself or the relationship
  • One or both partners are feeling dissatisfied
  • Couples lack communication and disconnect from one another
  • One or both partners feel neglected or unwanted
  • A feeling of sexual boredom or unhappiness
  • Sleeping on opposite sides of the bed, or in separate rooms
  • An aversion to the other's touch or lack of playfulness
  • Infidelity or one or both partners wanting an open relationship (as a new, and uncharacteristic development)
  • Excessive use of pornography or masturbation

Steps to take for treating sexual and intimacy issues begin with:

  • Psychosexual Therapy: this technique allows couples to express themselves in a safe environment with a trusted and supportive professional.
  • Relationship Counseling: healthy relationships require strong connections and time to build trust. Whatever the issue may be, a therapist can work with individuals together or separate to overcome the problem.

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