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Specifically of interest for guys

Knowledge for Men: "The 10 Reasons Why Every Man Needs a Men’s Coach To Breakthrough In Their Life, Business and Relationships"

Legal support, counselling, employment & career advice, support for fathers: Canadian Centre for Men and Families 

Psych Central: "Guy Therapy: Why It's So Important!"

Men's Health Magazine: "Why Every Man Should See a Therapist"

National Post: Jordan Peterson: It's Ideology vs. Science in Psychology's war on boys & men

TONIC (Vice Media): Here's Why it's Still Really Hard to Get Men to Go to Therapy

Psychology Today: Seven Lessons I Have Learned in Therapy with Men

MEL Magazine: "Why Millennial Men Don't Go To Therapy"

Psychology Today: "Why I Think All Men Need Therapy"

Man Enough: Episode 1 - Why Guys Don't Talk


The Positive Psychology approach

Positive Psychology Centre

Some of the things you may be interesting in checking out or talking about:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Center for Online Addiction

Gambling Addiction

Internet / Video Gaming Addiction

Sex Addicts Anonymous

Center for Healthy Sex (sex, love, porn: addictions & therapy)


Answers to Your Questions About Panic Disorder

National Center for PTSD

Questions and Answers about Memories of Childhood Abuse

The National Domestic Violence Hotline Website

Depression and How Therapy Can Help

Ontario Association for Suicide Prevention

Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

Internet Mental Health

Big White Wall Canada (an online mental health and well-being service)

The links listed above are meant to provide you with online mental health care information and counselling resources.

This Toronto 311 website provides a particularly extensive listing of mental health resources available in Toronto.

For emergencies, call 911 or present to your nearest hospital emergency room.

Note: TherapySites is not responsible for the content, claims or representations of the listed sites.

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