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We are continually researching and seeking out ways to serve you better by integrating cutting-edge technology into our approach to mental health and wellness. 

We currently partner with MUSE, Apollo Neuro, and Amelia Virtual Care in our efforts to offer you the best tech-forward mental health care.  These can be used, as appropriate, for meditation and mindfulness training, for the improvement of sleep, for virtual reality-based exposure therapy, and more.

We also frequently recommend using the recorded hypnosis content produced by the guys at Uncommon Knowledge.  Hypnosis is an evidence-based way to achieve a variety of treatment goals and to increase the effectiveness of other approaches such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

And as part of our commitment to a holistic, biopsychosocial, approach to assessing and treating erectile dysfunction (ED), we can also refer you to an Ontario-based network of men's health clinics that provides medical assessment and treatment of ED. We treat psychogenic ED and the psychological impact of ED, and the clinics provide shockwave therapy, hormone therapy, et cetera, as appropriate. We may refer you for a medical assessment to rule out medical causes of ED if you have not already had such an assessment done by a qualified medical professional. We receive no compensation for these referrals.

If clients purchase products from our partners based on our referral, we may receive a small amount of compensation on the order of 10-15% of the purchase price. This is neither a significant source of income for the practice nor does it influence our treatment decisions. The partnerships allow us access to materials that are useful in learning about and making the best use of the technologies.  

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