Work and Career Issues

The workplace should be an environment where we feel safe and comfortable. However, because work is where many different personalities, communication styles, and worldviews may come together, things don’t always go smoothly. 

Examples of common workplace issues include:                                                                 LEARN TO USE YOUR STRENGTHS TO: 

  • Poor job fit                                                                                                                           * Choose a career path
  • Sexual or verbal harassment                                                                                             * Perform better during interviews
  • Discrimination                                                                                                                    * Develop a learning and development plan
  • Low motivation and job dissatisfaction                                                                           * Get a promotion
  • Job-related stressors
  • Military or Civilian Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Coming up with a plan to deal with work and career issues can help you discover what it is that you really want, set your goals, and develop a plan to move towards them.  Our conversations provide a neutral setting, away from friends, family, and colleagues, where you can discuss your fears, worries, or stressors and find ways to gain more control over your own growth and well-being at work and in life.

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