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My future depends on what I do in the present.



An integrated approach to men's mental and physical health. Counselling, couples counselling, personal training and fitness coaching, and referalls to other healthcare professionals as appropriate. 

In counselling, we're here to listen not to judge.

We are here to join you in figuring things out.

We are practical and optimistic and genuinely care about our clients; our conversations will reflect that.

Our approach is designed for men. It will often be based on your strengths and geared toward solutions. In our meetings, you can expect encouragement to move forward with whatever works best for you. 

While we have some ideas about how people work, we respect that you are the expert on you.

We're building a team to take an integrated and holistic approach to offering you the services you need to meet your goals. Click the "Read More" button below to meet our team.


We look forward to meeting you.



  • 50 min
    140 Canadian dollars
  • Convenient video call sessions mornings, afternoons, or evenings

    50 min
    160 Canadian dollars

  • 50 min
    140 Canadian dollars
  • Includes letters for court, as needed

    50 min
    110 Canadian dollars
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