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These are some of the many resources which may prove useful. Others will be added or provided in session as needed.

 Family Doctor

Many people do not have a family doctor. Finding one can be a challenge, but having one is a key part of one's overall plan for physical and mental health. They are important for their own work and also for the referrals they provide to other health professionals and specialists. In Ontario, this website can help you find one:

Naturopathic Doctor

If you are looking for a holistic, naturopathic, approach to achieving and maintaining health, you may wish to consider working with a Naturopathic Doctor. This is not a service that we provide, but we can refer you to someone who practices in the Greater Toronto Area. 


The Canadian Mental Health Association website is a treasure trove of resources: 

Suicide Hotline

Available 24 hours a day, every day, call: 1-833-456-4566   or visit:

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