Biofeedback Training for Meditation

Updated: Jan 31

It is easy to recommend that a person practice mindfulness and meditation. I recommend it for those with anxiety, those seeking insight into and control over their anger, and frankly, everyone else. But how does the person know if they're doing it correctly? How do they know if they are actually making any real, measurable, progress?

Progress is measured by measuring changes in outcomes. Absent a very involved one-on-one training, biofeedfack is the next-best thing. Fortunately, the technology to measure such progress has come a long way from the old GSR (galvanic skin response) monitors from decades ago. GSR monitors measure the electrical conductance of a person's skin which changes based on the person's stress level. Reduced stress is one change which happens when one meditates or practices meditation, but that's not all that happens, and it's also not the most nuanced outcome to measure.