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Biofeedback Training for Meditation

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

It is easy to recommend that a person practice mindfulness and meditation. I recommend it for those with anxiety, those seeking insight into and control over their anger, and frankly, everyone else. But how does the person know if they're doing it correctly? How do they know if they are actually making any real, measurable, progress?

Progress is measured by measuring changes in outcomes. Absent a very involved one-on-one training, biofeedfack is the next-best thing. Fortunately, the technology to measure such progress has come a long way from the old GSR (galvanic skin response) monitors from decades ago. GSR monitors measure the electrical conductance of a person's skin which changes based on the person's stress level. Reduced stress is one change which happens when one meditates or practices meditation, but that's not all that happens, and it's also not the most nuanced outcome to measure.

EEG (Electroencephalograph) sensors measure various frequencies of brain waves. A person's brainwaves change much more quickly in response to one's mental state (or are part of what creates that state). Also, EEG sensors have recently become much more widely available and affordable than they once were. MUSE is an excellent example of one such system and I personally use it daily. The app that one downloads and uses with MUSE will provide access to guided meditations. The instructions are simple. For a fee one also has access to hundreds of such guided meditations.

There is much material online about the benefits of meditation. The benefit of using biofeedback to aid in meditation is that one receives continuous and immediate feedback as to how one is doing. This allows one to adjust one's focus of attention in order to gain insight into what change of focus brings on the change in feedback. With practice, this becomes increasingly nuanced, and this measurably demonstrates one's progress.

Click HERE to learn more about MUSE and start yourself on a path towards all the benefits of regular - effective - meditation.

If you are, or become, a client, do ask me about MUSE. I participate in a program which uses a professional portal so that we can monitor your progress with MUSE.

As part of this relationship with MUSE, by linking from this website you will receive a 15% discount on your purchase of the EEG headband, and I will receive a 10% comission for the referral. This is a negligible part of the business of Guys Resolve, but it is being shared with you in the name of transparency.

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