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These days, it can seem like dating is broken. 

Not getting matches on Tinder or Hinge? Getting matches, but no dates? Getting dates, but not really connecting with anyone?  Many, many, guys these days are struggling with one or more of these.

In therapy, we can explore why that might be.


We can also explore your attachment style and the ways in which you communicate your needs and assert your boundaries, or the way that you listen and respond to someone else's needs and boundaries. 

Also, if you seem to be on a cycle of enjoying the highs of new relationships and of those relationships not lasting very long, we might want to explore that as well.


Repeatedly chasing that romantic high can be indicative a problematic approach to dating and relationships, and we can review your dating history and see what patterns emerge.

Some of our clients have enjoyed the book Dating Essentials for Men, by Robert Glover, which offers some practical advise for dating.


If you're feeling a little more philosophical, you might try the classic The Art of Loving, by psychoanalyst and social philosopher, Eric Fromm, or the more contemporary, The Reasons of Love, by professor Harry G. Frankfurt.  Both are good, thoughtful, books which can lead to meaningful reflection on love and relationships.

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