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Erectile Dysfunction
or Sexual Performance

This is a complex topic that can be frustrating, embarrassing, and involve a self-fulfilling cycle of performance anxiety and unsatisfying performance outcomes.


It can also be a challenge to get the  information you need to formulate a comprehensive understanding of what is going on and how to resolve it to your satisfaction.


Since this is such a common issue, and one that guys really want to solve as soon as possible, I (Corey) have purchased no less than 6 books specifically on this topic alone, and am not satisfied enough with any one of them to recommend them to my clients.  If I find one, or write one, I'll post the title on this page. In the meantime, we can talk through it in session.

Also, please read the section on refractory periods on our page about porn use. That may be relevant to your situation as well.

Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

The projected statistics for erectile dysfunction (ED) indicate a significant issue affecting about 322 million men globally by 2025.

ED is characterized by the consistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection suitable for sexual activity. It falls under the category of sexual dysfunction (SD), which encompasses various stages of sexual activity, including desire, arousal, plateau, orgasm, and resolution (DEPOR). Research suggests that psychological factors are more prevalent among younger individuals (under 40 years of age), and potentially impacting psychological well-being.


Anxiety, depression, and a variety of issues within one's relationships could lead to the sexual performance issues. The experience that we hear guys reporting most often, is 'being in their head' and worrying about whether the ED will happen again, leading to performance anxiety, which becomes a self-fulfilling cycle of anxiety and performance issues.  This particular issue is often addressed with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).



You may also be interested in reading about two lifestyle factors that research is showing may contribute to improving erection quality:



An April 2024 article published online by Medscape says discusses the erection quality as an early warning sign for cardiovascular disease and the potential benefits of eating a more plant-based diet.




An October 2023 article published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, containing an analysis of the best research to date, suggests that getting at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise three times a week can be as effective at improving erectile function as are medications like Viagra.  

We've created a brochure that talks about sexual performance and presents our services. You can download it, print it, share it. You can even reach out and let us know what other information it would be helpful to include in it. 

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