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Meeting people and making friends ... 
                                           as an adult man.

This is a pretty common challenge, actually, and there are several scenarios that we see frequently:

  1. you've moved to a new city, typically for work

  2. most of your friends were in common with a partner, and after a breakup, those friends have distanced themselves from you, or you from them

  3. you've been dealing with social anxiety or depression and that has contributed to you isolating yourself, but now you'd like to change that 

  4. you've been so focused on work or school that you just haven't taken the time to prioritize friendships, and now find yourself rather isolated

  5. you had a few really close friends with whom you had spent most of your social time, and they've since moved away

There is something reassuring about knowing that many others out there are living similar experiences. But what do we do about it?

In session, we'll discuss the details of your situation, explore any obstacles you might be facing, what your interests are, and support you on your journey to building a network of friends and acquaintances. 

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