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Getting over a breakup

After a breakup is one of the most common times guys will seek out someone to talk to, so we're familiar with that, and we're here to listen.


Breakups can suck, there's no getting around that. They can be emotionally intense and confusing times, and a therapist can be a consistent and stabilizing influence in your life for a while. 

The months following a breakup is a time of great potential for personal growth. 

We can examine the relationship and the patterns that led to it, maintained it, and led to its end. We can work on any number of things which may help you get through the process of mourning the relationship and setting yourself up to have a better relationship next time.

Benefits of therapy following a breakup

Emotional Support and Coping Strategies: Men often experience intense emotional distress after a breakup, and therapy can provide or supplement one's support system. Therapists can help men develop healthy coping strategies, which can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Personal Growth and Self-Understanding: Therapy can be an opportunity for self-exploration and growth. Men can gain insights into their past relationships and personal behaviors, leading to improved future relationships and overall personal development.

Improved Mental Health: Men who engage in therapy after a breakup often experience reduced levels of stress and improved emotional well-being.

Reduction in Negative Behaviors: Therapy can help men avoid negative coping mechanisms, such as substance abuse, which are sometimes used to cope with the pain of a breakup. Instead, we can learn healthier ways to manage our emotions.

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