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Anger Management

A Note about Male Type Depression

In 2019, an article in the journal Psychology of Men & Masculinities (published by the American Psychological Association) discussed how men might tend to experience fatigue and irritability during depression. It noted that there might be some social pressure for men to hide their symptoms of depression and they might instead express it as anger, being more aggressive, taking more risks.

Anger Management psychoeducation and counselling with men must be sensitive to this gender-specific phenomenon and clients may be referred for diagnosis and treatment as appropriate.

Anger Management Psychoeducation & Counselling


The client will be supplied with an individualized letter of completion stating the number of sessions attended and any appropriate specifics.  Sessions follow the 12-module psychoeducation and counselling curriculum of the National Anger Management Association (NAMA). The client will be presented with material which includes:
• defining anger as a psychobiological emotional state;
• education on the brain and endocrine processes involved in anger including a discussion of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems;
• the physiological effects of chronic anger;
• using an anger log to identify situational anger triggers and automatic thoughts;
• learning to differentiate between anger levels on an objectively defined 10 point scale;
• calming techniques including cognitive awareness, changing self-talk, mindfulness and breathing-based strategies (eg. diaphragmatic breathing, body relaxation, meditation), and lifestyle changes;
• assertive communication and expressing anger constructively;
• basic conflict resolution skills

If relevant to the client’s case, alcohol use and its relationship to anger and anger management will also be discussed. Psychoeducation includes placing alcohol in context with other factors such as stress, hunger, drugs, anxiety, fatigue, and illness, all of which may increase the likelihood of uninhibited anger responses. Alcohol will also be discussed as a common, yet unhealthy, coping mechanism and healthier alternatives will be presented.

Download the Anger Management Program Flyer here. Letters of completion for legal purposes must be requested during the first session so that all of the necessary content can be covered. Otherwise, additional sessions may be required.  

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"Pro Tip"
It may seem surprising to encourage assertiveness in someone looking into anger management, but it is actually quite appropriate. When we are able to express ourselves confidently and calmly, we don't bottle something up only to have it blow up later.

Assertiveness allows us to harness the insights that could trigger anger, and to express them constructively instead.
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