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The thing about loneliness, is that you're certainly not alone in experiencing it. It's way too common.

Whether you've moved jobs or cities, lost a friend group to an ex, have just drifted into a gradually more isolated life because of a focus on work or school, or are adjusting to remote work and at home workouts, so many variables in our lives can lead us to a more solitary existence. 


But we are social beings, pack animals one could say, and we don't do well in isolation. We need conversation, social engagement, and touch. Touch by the way, can be anything from a handshake to contact sports to a hug. There has been a lot of research on the human need for social and physical contact with others. Links to follow.

On this topic, we can explore what your needs are, how well they are or are not being met now, what led you to this point, and where you'd like to go from here. We can discuss practical things like how and where you will try to meet people, to personal factors such as social anxiety, communication skills, and more.  

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